Hypnotherapy to Quit smoking
Kelowna, BC

A 2007 study done from the American College of Chest Physicians compared hypnosis to nicotine replacement therapy. After 26 weeks, 50% of patients who were treated in the hypnotherapy group had quit. The nicotine replacement group had a 15.78% success rate at the 26 week mark.

Quitting on your own can be difficult.
An FDA study found, in 2018 about 55 percent of adult smokers had made an attempt to quit in the past year, but only about 8% were successful up to 12 months.

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking?

Hypnotherapy does enhance the ability to Quit Smoking. Please note, this is very important, Quitting Smoking is a decision that needs to be made ONLY by the individual who smokes. It is way less likely an individual will quit smoking if they do not make that decision to quit themselves. It is best not to convince someone to quit.

With someone completely wanting to quit, success rate increases anywhere from 50 – 90%. Hypnotherapy is useful to slow down the mind into a trance state of awareness. The therapy can then work to Amplify and Activate Your Own inner desires to quit smoking. Hypnotherapy Cannot make you do anything you don’t already want to do in some way.


How Hypnotherapy Commonly Helps To Quit Smoking.

  • Enhance Desire to Quit. Everyone might have a different unique reason to quit smoking. With Hypnotherapy it is easy to expand and enhance those reasons to quit.
  • Enhance Negative Association. One of the most common methods of using Hypnosis to Quit smoking is the negative association technique – Essentially Greatly increasing the negatives to do with smoking to the point where people don’t want to look at smoking again. (This is not always ideal if the person is not ready)
  • Decrease Cessations More Easily. The best approach to start is to comprehend why a person wants / needs to smoke in the first place. After identifying the *subconscious reason, a person usually will begin to question their habit more resulting in smoking less. 

Quick Tips That Help to Prepare Yourself to Quit!

  • Recognize why you think you Smoke.
  • Recognize when you smoke most.
  • Time yourself more between Smokes
  • Think about the long-term benefits more often.
  • Place a written reminder of why you want to quit on your cigarette packs.
  • Intercept the habit of pulling a cigarette out with any mindful question.
  • Keep yourself distracted more often.
  • Smoke alone more often to be with your thoughts.
  • Take a mindful water break between smoke breaks.

How Do You Want To Be Instead?

Being a non-smoker is a life change. Breaks from work are different. Continue to take breaks but with water and deep breaths of air. Acknowledging your time in a more mindful manner.

Having a clearer sense of self. No longer do you have to smell like tobacco smoke. The lungs and heart operate more at ease. Blood pressure balances out more easily. The body clears out the mucus build-up in the lungs which means less coughing.

Energy levels increase and also life expectancy. The power of the mind takes on a greater level of strength and stability after having quit smoking. How else do you see yourself being a non-smoker?

How many Sessions does it take to Quit Smoking?

Typically Clients will begin to experience results within 2 – 4 sessions. If a Client is fully ready to quit, up to 6 sessions is all they usually need, it is not often, however, some people might need 1 or 2 extra sessions.

Single type of Quit Hypnosis sessions have brought the idea of Hypnosis into the world of Quitting smoking, however, is not the most successful in the long run. 

What are *some of the benefits of working with Conscious Harmonics?
  • Identifying constructive and destructive mental activity.
  • Help to align your life with personal meaning.
  • Clear up thoughts and unwanted beliefs for an improved sense of focus.
  • Set up a plan to effectively achieve your goal.
  • Set up a simple daily practice for your continued improvement
How do I know if this type of Therapy is right for me?

Studies have shown 95% of people can be hypnotized. The people who cannot be hypnotized are those who have severe difficulties with trust often to a point where they sleep on guard in an extremely shallow sleep.

Humanity goes in and out of hypnosis many times a day. Another word for Hypnosis is Trance. Whether we are driving or watching T.V. we naturally go in and out of hypnosis throughout the day. 

It is best to connect with a clinical hypnotist and get to know them beforehand to build up a relationship before a session.

Conscious Harmonics offers a 30 minute complimentary call for this reason.

What’s Next?

Are you looking to Quit Smoking?

I offer free 30-minute consultations to simply talk. Let’s first see if I can help you reach your goal before anything else.