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The highest PURPOSE of your life is to be yourself to the best of your ability and live each moment as fully as possible. You have all the answers within your Subconscious. 

I'd like to give you a warm Welcome.

Conscious Harmonics is here to greatly support people to regain harmony within themselves (between their Conscious & Subconscious Mind). The approach is through education (offering personal tools to give you) and 1 on 1 sessions. 

Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and lack of motivation is a sign we have become disharmonized with our own subconscious. 

Conscious Harmonics is a focused Subconscious Therapy Practice with a foundation of Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapy. Certified and Registered with the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association. 


Passionate focuses include: Releasing Resistances & Limitations, Increasing Personal-Motivation and Accelerating Conscious Evolution.

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Conscious Harmonics 
is constantly researching new approaches, creating new methods, and refining our existing techniques to greatly accelerate your potential. 

A summary of Hypnotherapy:

Clinical Hypnotherapy provides a comfortable & relaxing state of awareness to help synchronize your mind with your body using suggestions and techniques to safely relieve unnecessary tensions and stresses. It has been described as feeling like you're about to fall asleep yet still conscious and able to hear what is exactly being said.

• This type of conscious therapy is beneficial for both the mind & the body.​

• Hypnotherapy helps to connect / re-connect you as a full integrated being that you are.

• You will feel a sense of ease, calm and very relaxed.

• Experience reduced muscular tension, lowered blood pressure, & comfortable breathing.​

• Has the feeling of a well needed nervous system reset - feeling calm, peaceful and very relaxed.

     For a more clear description check out my power point presentation.


Hypnosis is, in fact, a natural experience that we have many times throughout the day. We access different levels of a hypnotic trance depending on what we're doing. 


• Driving (losing track of time & space traveled).

• Watching T.V. (Dosing off to the T.V.).

• Listening to music (being in the zone).

Does Hypnotherapy really work?

Hypnotherapy is an effective approach that works on all levels of the our consciousness (Subconscious & Conscious mind) not just the conscious mind.
Of course each hypnotherapist works a little differently, check out some of the our testimonials.


"I had such a wonderful experience from my session with Michael at Conscious Harmonics! I had been dealing with stress and anxiety in my business and at home, at a level that it was stealing my peace and ability for restful sleep. That same evening, after our session, I was able to feel a great sense of calm and able to get some restful sleep. Every day has been progressively better since! Truly, THANK YOU, Michael! There is no other way to say how grateful and appreciative I am! If you are dealing with any situation of stress and anxiety in your life, please reach out to Michael to reset and get yourself some peace. – It is so worth it, for yourself, and those you love!"
Stephanie Hastings - Accountant/Author/ Speaker/Wife/Mother

"Michael has an uncanny ability to make you feel at ease from the moment you step into his space. Extremely knowledgeable, he answered any questions that I brought up about the hypnotherapy process itself. Once my session was over I felt balanced and refreshed. In addition to experiencing an overall feeling of clarity and lightness in my body. I highly recommend his expertise and services on your journey to becoming a whole and better version of yourself."

Krystal-Lee Nahnychuk


"Regenerative relaxation is something most of us need to do more of, myself included. I have a demanding schedule and sometimes there’s little time left over in the day to replenish my energy reserves. My session with Michael was exactly what I needed, it left me highly centered, relaxed, and rejuvenated for the rest of the day. I also noticed more endurance throughout the rest of my week as well. For some time now, I’ve participated in various practices such as meditation and Qigong and found comparatively that Michael's work effectively amplifies those benefits, leaving me recharged and centered for the rest of my week, highly recommended!"

Wes Heald - Director, Sovran DeFi Network

"I would recommend working with Michael! He is very intuitive and caring. He is very generous with his work and has great insight into hypnotherapy and energy work! Thanks again Michael!"

Shri Koontz


Clinical Hypnotherapy - Certified & Registered with the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association

Stress Management Consultant - Certified & Registered  with the International Association of Counselors & Therapists

Conscious Harmonics is passionate about helping people who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious who do not want to resort to medications / self-medicating and want to naturally reduce their stress, improve their sleep, and increase their sense of purpose.

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