10 week anxiety reversal and empowerment program.

     The 10 week anxiety program is specifically designed for people that wish to reverse the severity of their anxiety to a manageable and healthy state using self-empowering tools, techniques and audio recordings to listen to.

     Anxiety is a naturally survival mechanism that we have which allows us to be alert and focused. Healthy anxiety comes and goes only when necessary. Unhealthy or severe anxiety is when we are in a constant state of anxiety throughout the entire day operating in the sympathetic nervous system which is considered the fight or flight mode. Anxiety should, in no way, be interfering you with your every day life all throughout the day. Over time if it is left to continue, our body will certainly take the toll.


     The program is set for 10 weeks because true long-lasting change takes a process. When dealing with anxiety, once the extra unnecessary anxiety throughout the day is “practiced” (unintendedly) over time, it becomes subconscious (a habitual pattern) and can’t always just be talked out. Temporarily it may be talked out but for permanent change, working with the subconscious is needed.

     Great research has gone into finding out how long it takes to change or create a habit. Although different research has come up with different conclusions, it is best to go with the longer, safer and more common conclusion which is around 66 days.

     The 10 week program has a pre-written foundation specifically for reversing anxiety. The program covers the fundamental tools, techniques and effective research that is needed to re-pattern the subconscious to sustain a healthy anxiety level with long lasting results. The goal is to keep the momentum going even after the 10 weeks is over with a simple daily technique. The tools and techniques are to help empower the mind so the anxiety momentum can begin to reverse the unnecessary anxiety to a healthy state of anxiety.

     With that being said the foundation can and will be adjusted to adapt each individual as we are all unique and we all deserve unique attention. There will be a simple easy practice to do daily during the 10 weeks, which involves listening to an audio recording once a day, and reading some affirmations daily.


     Here is what is included:

1x 45 minute audio recording, every 2 weeks.

  • The audio will be pre-recorded. Each audio has a combination of segments, foundational segments with the option of specific unique segments for the unique individual.

  • The unique segment part of the audio will be adjusted accordingly to each individual once information is known from the consultation calls.

  • The audio is will be given out every 2nd week and is to be listened to everyday for the most benefit.

  • The audio can be listened to at night, right as you are about to go to sleep, laying in bed and it is okay if you fall asleep while the audio is playing.

1x  50 minute call once a week.

  • There will be one scheduled consultation call once a week. This is meant for listening to the client to gather information about the adjustment about the audio.

  • To assist and coach along the way.

  • For information on scientific research that will be of great benefit to know which will compliment the audio recordings.

  • To share more instruction.


Accountability text or email messages throughout the week.

  • Accountability is an important part to every program. Every day or second day, an email or text will be sent to see how things are going and for reminders to help keep up with the simple daily practice for the greatest benefit. The goal is to receive the greatest result possible.



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