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Conscious Core

Awakening & Empowering your Conscious Self

What is this?

Conscious Core 101 Course is a Subconscious educational leading-edge course that will show you how to stop the frustration and struggle when it comes to personal change and to show you how to foster and cultivate a greater comprehension of your own subconscious mind.

Learn how to take back your subconscious from outside influences and un-preferred programming. This will support positive and dynamic growth with ease for personal transformation and empowerment that will be with you for the rest of your life. The new skills, techniques, and strategies that you will learn will offer the necessary support to successfully guide you into living a more enjoyable, happy, and healthy life, just as a start.

Qualifying Questions

        • Do you want change (changing habits / behaviors) to be easy?
        • Do you want to “get rid of” un-preferred emotions / feelings?
        • Do you want to improve your manifestations abilities?
        • Do you want to feel excited and passionate about living life?
        • Do you want to naturally improve your health and well being?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it has to do with your subconscious. Yes, we manifest precisely what is resonating from our subconscious.

• Do you want to learn about your subconscious mind and re-program yourself for a better life?
• Do you want a step-by-step approach that makes learning about your subconscious easy and simple to understand?
• Are you ready to invest a little bit of time and energy into yourself everyday?


In this program you will get access to:

  • 8 Live group sessions. This will be the lessons and Q&A at the end.
  • You will have access to all the recordings in case you miss any live sessions.
  • Step by step Guided practices for easy and effective results.
  • Accountability. Small group accountability is available.
  • A Daily Chat group.
  • 3 Self-Hypnosis Audio’s for easy daily practices (approximately 30 minutes long)
  • Life time access to Conscious Core support network to help you continue learning, questioning, exploring
    and tweaking your practices for the improved results.
  • Direct messaging access to the teacher for any questions or concerns
  • An App you can download on your phone for easy access everyday.


By the end of this course, outcomes have been:

  • Know how to re-program your subconscious yourself.
  • Feel more focused and Clear minded.
  • Build a greater relationship with yourself for increased happiness.
  • Feel more centered and unwavering.
  • Have new ways of choosing your responses which will foster positive results.
  • Naturally be able to Drop un-preferred emotions, feelings & habits.
  • Know how to change more quickly and easily.
  • Be able to cultivate and perfect new skills for living a more joyous and loving life.
  • Naturally feel happier, more joyous, and more calming each and every day with the teaching, lessons, and practices provided.

Who this program is for?

This program is for people who know there is more to life, who know they have an incredible potential that is untapped. This program is for people who want to develop themselves consciously and subconsciously. This is for the people who want to take back their own subconscious and de-program themselves of the ideas and beliefs that do not serve them and imprint new beliefs and patterns that serve them best. This is for those who are willing to invest into themselves (in a daily practice).

Who this program is not for?

This program is Not for people who think that someone will do all their work for them. This is Not for someone who does Not want to invest mental energy into themself. This is Not for people who are Not open to learn – if you do not want to, you simply will not. This is Not for people who want to stay in victimhood and do Not want to take responsibility for themselves and grow into their greater potential.


I stand behind everything I do!
A 14-day money back guarantee, No questions asked.

Educational details of the course:

Lesson 01

Understanding Fundamentals:

1. Settling in.
2. Comprehending the Survival Instincts.
3. Visualization.
4. Fundamentals

Lesson 02

Understanding Fundamentals:

1. Universal Laws.
2. Subconscious Fundamentals.
3. Brain waves

Lesson 03


1. Feelings align thoughts etc.
2. Practice of Listening to our subconscious.
3. The Power of Imagination.
4. Simple Meditation practice.
5. Energy Needed – High vibrational Foods

Lesson 04

Subconscious Framework

1. Agreements, Contracts, Rules, Promises, Assumptions
2. The art of releasing
3. The Charging effect of consciousness

Lesson 05


1. Impulses – nervous system
2. Power of Questions
3. Reticular Activating System
4. Mindfulness
5. Art of detachment – everything is changing

Lesson 06

I AM Fundamentals

1. I AM foundation.
2. Conscious Chakra Rights.
3. Deservability.
4. Purpose.
5. Faith.

Lesson 07

The 4 Pillars of Conscious Change

1. Identification.
2. Meaning.
3. Intention.
4. Momentum.

“Michael has completely changed my life

I was feeling trapped within my own mind and knew there was trauma buried deep inside my subconscious. I knew I needed change and a deep connection to sort some things out and let go of demons and this was the one thing that has helped me after years of trying, I feel like a new person and would recommend this to anyone for anything they need to get through.”

Gabrielle Fontaine –

"I would recommend working with Michael!

He is very intuitive and caring. He is very generous with his work and has great insight into hypnotherapy and energy work! Thanks again Michael!”

Shri Koontz –

“Michael has an uncanny ability to make you feel at ease from the moment you step into his space

Extremely knowledgeable, he answered any questions that I brought up about the hypnotherapy process itself. Once my session was over I felt balanced and refreshed. In addition to experiencing an overall feeling of clarity and lightness in my body. I highly recommend his expertise and services on your journey to becoming a whole and better version of yourself.”

Krystal-Lee Nahnychuk –

My session with Michael was exactly what I needed

“Regenerative relaxation is something most of us need to do more of, myself included. I have a demanding schedule and sometimes there’s little time left over in the day to replenish my energy reserves. My session with Michael was exactly what I needed, it left me highly centered, relaxed, and rejuvenated for the rest of the day. I also noticed more endurance throughout the rest of my week as well. For some time now, I’ve participated in various practices such as meditation and Qigong and found comparatively that Michael’s work effectively amplifies those benefits, leaving me recharged and centered for the rest of my week, highly recommended!”

Wes Heald – Director, Sovran DeFi Network

“I had such a wonderful experience from my session with Michael at Conscious Harmonics!

I had been dealing with stress and anxiety in my business and at home, at a level that it was stealing my peace and ability for restful sleep. That same evening, after our session, I was able to feel a great sense of calm and able to get some restful sleep. Every day has been progressively better since! Truly, THANK YOU, Michael! There is no other way to say how grateful and appreciative I am! If you are dealing with any situation of stress and anxiety in your life, please reach out to Michael to reset and get yourself some peace. It is so worth it, for yourself, and those you love!”

Stephanie Hastings – Accountant/Author/ Speaker/Wife/Mother

What Next?

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