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ConScious E-COURSE
Version 2024

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CONSCIOUS CORE is an organically grown Subconscious educational & transformational course based on continual feedback from clients that have gone through the course over the past 4 years. This course will show you how to re-program your own subconscious mind with ease and structure.

Stop the frustration and struggle when it comes to personal change and learn how to foster and cultivate a greater comprehension of your own subconscious mind with tools and techniques you will have for life. Make your transformation easy and successful with the Right information you should have been taught in school.


Personal limitations & struggle are typically caused by certain main factors:

Uncertain about  one’s purpose or direction in life.

Learn to deeply connect with your passions & what truly fires up your soul to define your life purpose. This often might take some de-programming of opinions, comments, or projections from other people we might have accepted.


Having a distorted or unclear view of oneself due to all the influences of the world.

Our identity is composed of primarily two sources; the exterior world and our creative self. Learn how to sift through and de-program what doesn’t actually belong to you.


Worrying or fearful of what others will either think of you or say to you.

Learn how to establish boundaries and create a solid, core foundation that is unbothered by the external world. Stay centered & focused with clear intentions to build perseverance in life.


Not knowing the appropriate information.

Master the tool’s that have proven success. Learn how to properly implement structure and a supportive foundation to experience highly effective results.

How do you benefit?

Learn how to take back your subconscious from outside influences and un-preferred programming. This will support positive and dynamic growth with ease for personal transformation and empowerment that will be with you for the rest of your life.


The new skills, techniques, and strategies that you will learn will offer the necessary support to successfully guide you into living a more enjoyable, happy, and healthy life... just as a start.

  • Do you want change (changing habits/behaviors) to be easy?

  • Do you want to “get rid of” non-preferred emotions/feelings?

  • Do you want to improve your manifestations abilities?

  • Do you want to feel excited and passionate about living life?

  • Do you want to naturally improve your health and wellbeing?


If you said yes to any of these questions, this is a course to greatly consider, however, please read the following:


This 10-week course, with 6 months of support, is for people who know there is more to life and who know they have an incredible potential that is untapped. This program is for people who want to develop themselves consciously and subconsciously. This is for the people who want to take full ownership of their subconscious mind, de-programming themselves of the ideas and beliefs that do not serve them and imprint new beliefs and patterns that serve them best. This is for those who are willing to invest into themselves (in a daily practice).


This program is Not for people who think that someone will do all their work for them. This is Not for someone who does Not want to invest mental energy into themselves. This is Not for people who are Not open to learn. This is Not for people who want to stay in victimhood and do Not want to take responsibility for themselves to grow into their greater potential.


  • 8 weeks of Pre-recorded Lessons

  • 6 months of Live group sessions. Group sharing, live lessons and Q&A at the end. (You will have access to all the recordings in case you miss any live sessions.)

  • Access to an Integrative workbook.

  • 3x 45-minute coaching calls.

  • 3x 1.5 hour 1 on 1 hypnotherapy sessions

  • Step by step guided practices for easy and effective results.

  • Accountability. Small group accountability is available.

  • A Daily Chat group.

  • Access to 6x Self-Hypnosis Audio’s for easy daily practices.

  • Life time access to Conscious Core support network to help you continue learning, questioning, exploring and tweaking your practices for improved results.

  • Direct messaging access to the teacher for any questions or concerns.

  • An App you can download on your phone for easy access everyday.\


  • Know the necessary tools & techniques to re-program your subconscious mind from struggles and limitations with ease for accelerated growth.

  • Know your excitements, passions, and purpose to become driven in life, creating a life you have always wanted to live.

  • Be centered in your creative self, knowing who you are and how to fulfill your life from the inside out.



Live Class’s start over - estimated every 3 months.
Please Contact for the exact dates.

The weekly Live classes will be online using Zoom conference call.


Module 1: Basics for Success:

Setting up a foundation that will support your each and every step through this course. Learn how to focused and centered, not only through this course, but also in every day life. The Lessons will be:

  • Settling in

  • Survival Instincts

  • Attracting the Vision

  • Cognitive Reformatting

  • Introduction to Subconscious Basics

Module 2: The Fundamentals:

Learn where your results all started from! This Module will teach you to reverse engineer your results in life so you can clearly know how to undo what no longer serves you. You will then know where to start and how to start a new process. The Lessons will be:

  • Universal Laws

  • Beliefs Simplified

  • Density of our Being

  • Entropy

  • Brain waves & trance

Module 3: Self-Acknowledgement:

We will be looking into the details of the beginning steps required to increase the probability of a highly successful transformation. Learn how your memories are continuously changing as you currently change. You will gain greater freedom to become more of who you prefer to be. The lessons will be:

  • Subconscious Progression

  • Reprogramming the Subconscious

  • Neural Plasticity

  • Engrams

  • Energy for Success

Module 4: Synchronizing in:

Learn about the background definitions that tend to hold someone in place. Dis-cover more of yourself and how to use your own self to your advantage. This module will once again free you further so you can become more who you prefer to be. The lessons will be:

  • Purpose

  • Trust & Faith

  • Meditation Principles

  • Unconditional Life definition

  • Life is a Practice

Module 5: Diving Within:

This Module will be a deep dive. Comprehend the easy and simple approach to identifying, neutralizing, and letting go of beliefs. This is where the inner work becomes possible for true transformation. The lessons will be:

  • The Subconscious Framework

  • The Art of Releasing

  • Fear of Self-discovery

  • Fundamentally Neutral

  • The Power of Questions

Module 6: The Releasing:

After Transmuting the mental and emotional roots, learn how physically releasing becomes easy. Also, support your inner work with further concepts that will help to provide validation and confirmation of your inner work. Learn principles that will help shift your perspectives to make transformation easier. The lessons will be:

  • The Physical Release

  • The Sensitive Instrument

  • Reticular Activating system

  • Ignorance and Forgiveness

  • Limitations of Guilt

Module 7: Recalibrating:

Recalibrate a new creation of self. This module will provide understanding on how you are more powerful than you realize. This is where you will begin to support yourself and rely less on the outside world. You will begin to feel the empowerment of your own creative being. The lessons will be:

  • The Identity

  • Self-Support

  • Decision & Intention

  • Meaning

  • Thoughtful Frequency

Module 8: Thriving Forward:

Become your creative self. This module is where you will have a new foundation for real growth. Learn simple ways to set up habits, as well as, how to competently manifest more precisely. Set into your core and create yourself from the inside out with all the building blocks necessary! The lessons will be:

  • Manifestation Principles

  • Developing Habits

  • Building Momentum

  • Conscious Rights

  • Gratitude!


I stand behind everything I do!
A 14-day money back guarantee, No questions asked.
(Before Module 3)


Know all the information that is necessary to reprogram your subconscious mind.

  • Feel more focused and clearer minded.

  • Build a greater relationship with yourself for increased happiness.

  • Feel greatly centered and unwavering.

  • Have new ways of choosing your responses which will foster positive results.

  • Naturally be able to drop un-preferred emotions, feelings, & habits.

  • Know how to change more quickly and easily.

  • Be able to cultivate and perfect new skills for living a more joyous and loving life.

  • Naturally feel happier, more joyous, and more calming each and every day with the teaching, lessons, and practices provided.

  • Build an empowering momentum towards a preferred new you.

There's nothing stopping you. 

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Cosmic Sky

What Clients Say...

I started this course not knowing what to expect but as I started it, I thought, "this is a lot of what I heard before" "it's the same info" " it's like everything else out there". I kept going and as I did I started doing the practices and the meditation and I quickly found that this is not like anything I have ever done before. The flow of the course is so well put together, everything you learn builds on the next. It is not at all what I expected it is so much more. I can look back to when I started the course and compare it to now and see how much I changed and grew. I recommend this course to anyone. Every step of the way on this course I was noticing significant changes. This course was so beneficial for me that i am doing it again.
- Macklin
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