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  • Is Clinical Hypnotherapy covered by extended medical?
    Many years ago Clinical Hypnotherapy has been covered by extended medical. There has been a lot of controversy on this subject. These last 5 - 6 years, Clinical Hypnotherapy has not been. As odd as Clinical Hypnotherapy is gaining immense popularity for its effectiveness, health insurance companies refuse to include it in their policy. For certain reasons, Clinical Hypnotherapy has been frowned upon by medical professionals, however, to this day the top performing athletes, high performing CEO’s, management directors, members of royal families, and even actors & actresses, actively use clinical hypnotherapy for health and personal transformational purposes.
  • What can you expect at your first Hypnosis Session?
    Your results are the primary focus. I intend for every client to feel a sense of ease, calm, and relaxation during every session while being focused on their concerns they’d like to solve. The first session is an introductory session. It is more focused towards allowing the client to be connected and synchronized with their own subconscious mind since society today is often quite disconnected to their own subconscious. The usual response during the first session includes reduced muscular tension, lowered blood pressure, comfortable breathing, clarity of mind, and a greater sense of feeling balanced. It is important to work with a hypnotherapist that you trust and are comfortable with. The rate of success depends on the client giving permission and allowing the suggestions to have an effect.
  • How long is each session?
    Unlike most hypnotherapy sessions that are about 1 hour in length, Conscious Harmonics provides between 1.5 - 2 hour sessions. As a practitioner that has gone through my own deep healing I personally know that a session cannot be rushed. It is best to book 2 hours per session and talk 15 minutes afterwards to breathe, integrate and take your time with re-adjusting to your regular average state of awareness.
  • What happens if a session is online and the internet connection or power cuts out?
    Because every human being experiences many levels of consciousness awareness (or trance) many times in a single day, (at minimum, going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning, or even “zoning out” the odd time per day - in which theses are different types of trance), while in a Hypnosis (also known as theta brainwave trance) if you notice the power has gone out or the session has gone silent, you will simply bring themselves back into an alert conscious state with ease just like awakening from a nap. From this state the internet connection can be made once again. If for some reason the internet connection does not go on again for a considerable amount of time, I’d be pleased to honor you with a complimentary session continuation at another time.
  • What if I find out I am not hypnotizable afterall?
    Conscious Harmonics has multiple approaches to working with the subconscious. We can easily adapt the subconscious therapy to a different approach that is more in harmony with your style and comfortability while still identifying and revealing the areas that you might need to work on. Once the limitations, resistance, blocks, or issues have been identified there are many ways you can begin to interrupt the unwanted patterns and build towards a new preferred pattern. I do value each person, and go the distance. This business is about quality. Sessions are non refundable for the sole purpose of making the most of the time without having any doubt that you will not gain benefit in some way, shape, or form.
  • How many sessions does it take to start seeing results?
    Clients usually start seeing some benefits after the first session. Each session after that will only compound upon the last. We are not talking about a magic flip of a switch that makes everything go away after the first session. That is fantasy! Subconscious work is integrative with lifestyle patterns and habits. Sessions are meant to identify and comprehend an issue to the deepest levels of your consciousness (subconscious) through to the roots. People can have powerful results in the first session that transforms their life in their most preferable way. Yes, this can and has happened many time, but this does not happen for everyone. Some people need many sessions to work through many life long layers. We are all unique. Typically, up to 9 sessions the issue the client has come in with has been either greatly reversed to a point of immense gratitude or most likely solved within very few sessions and the client has moved on to other issues they wanted to also take care of as well. Note: Practices & tools are often taught to clients to maintain their results even after working with me. It is recommended to continue with a personal practice long after a session is over to keep building up a new momentum in your lifestyle. You are what you think, feel, eat, and act everyday. Integration is a profound part of great success.
  • What is needed for a session?
    All sessions are now done online through an encrypted connection. (This has been decided after noticing the differences between in person and online sessions. There is, in fact, no noticeable differences between the quality of the sessions. With an online session, the client is able to be in their own comfortable space and doesn’t have to travel, saving time and allowing for more time to rest and integrate the session. It is actually not advised to drive shortly after a session.) A strong internet connection. Having a comfortable quiet space. If possible, being in a comfortable resting position during the session; a reclined position - best, a comfortable chair where you can easily rest back into - second best, or laying down a little bit reclined - third best. Having headphones with a built-in microphone is ideal and is helpful on my part, however, not needed if you do not have one. (iphone headphones with built in mic, or similar to, work great).
  • How long does hypnotherapy results last for?
    Sessions can last anywhere from 1 hour to 3.5 hours depending on the type of hypnotherapy session. Longer sessions are usually a specialty request however, not always the most conducive as after 3 hours a person can begin to naturally rise out of the hypnotic state. Sessions with Conscious Harmonics are typically 1.5 – 2 hour sessions. This time frame has been tested and proven to be highly effective for great results.
  • How do I book a session?
    Sound therapy sessions are based in person, if you are in the area of British Columbia, send an email, or text for the next sound therapy session taking place. You can also book a private event. Email or Text to align the details.
  • How much is a sound therapy session?
    For group sessions that are public events, sessions are 22.00 a person. For Private sessions or events, I charge a flat fee of $135.00 to set up and play, (includes up to 1.5 hours of playing.)
  • How long is a sound therapy session?
    The most beneficial sessions are best to be 1 hour. For greater benefit a 1.5 hour session can give you the greatest results possible.
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