Empowered 4 Change:

The 4 Pillars for Embodying Conscious Change.




Everything in the universe is in constant change. From the molecules and particles of matter vibrating to the planets rotating within our solar system; change is expected. 

Have you ever tried to change a habit, a behavior or a pattern in your life? Were you successful for 1 to 2 weeks but before you knew it, you found yourself right back to where you started? 

At first, we are often so excited to start something new. We have this ideal thought of what we see ourselves doing and being, but somehow within a short while we seem to lose this excitement. We may feel resistance and often resort back to how we were before. 

What about wanting to do something but you simply could not find it in yourself to get up and do it?

Most people give in and say, “maybe this really isn’t for me” or for some perhaps “change is difficult, why bother?” while others feel it is “totally impossible”. After many attempts to change an old habit or start something new, we realize it hasn’t ever really worked out and we begin to believe we are unable to succeed before we even attempt to make a change. 

The great news is that with the right information, YOU CAN change. YOU CAN start something new and you may even find it is much easier than you would have expected.

This is the book you will be grateful to have read.


I am currently a passionate researcher interested in studying the subconscious mind and finding the easiest and most effective ways to change and live towards my highest potential. I am also passionate about helping others to do the same. I am a certified and registered clinical hypnotherapist and have been trained in advanced hypnotherapy techniques and advanced coaching methods. I also work with sound therapy, understanding the power of vibration and its subtle yet powerful effects on the human body.

However, I wasn’t always like this. Like many, I have struggled with change. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal development programs. I have invested many years seeking out the “thing” that would make me better. To be honest, I have never completed most of the personal development programs I have taken, and I needed to know why!

For myself, it all began when I thought I knew the direction of my life - I thought I had it all pretty much sorted out. I had a stable job working in construction, had a great work ethic and was eager to learn new things. I was working towards my goals of having a nice car, a nice house and working my way up to owning my own business.  The vision I had was ideal but underneath it all, I was not truly happy.

Years began to go by and I noticed my health was decreasing. I had growing anxieties and constant self-generated stress just from my self-talk alone. It didn’t help my case that I had developed regular bad habits of binge drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, marijuana and of course eating fast food. Eventually I and those close to me, began to notice a decrease in my work ethic, inspiration, and daily motivation. When a major layoff at work took place, I was one of the chosen to go. 

I knew I had to figure out how to change some of my health problems because I was young and constantly going to the doctor. I did what I could to slow down my habits and eventually I tried to quit some of them, but each time only lasted 2-3 weeks. In the end, I simply reverted back to my regular. This went on and on! I did manage to clear one of my habits completely but found I picked up way more with my other habits.

While being off of work, I started to feel okay about my life and its direction. I found another job in construction to continue my apprenticeship as I had invested so much time into getting my certification in which I almost had. Once I started working again, I was doing great work and this lasted for quite some time. After a year, I found myself with worse anxieties and stress than I had before. It sure was easy to get back into all of my not so great habits. During the next big layoff, I was once again a part of it.

I felt like I was caught in a cycle, as this went on many more times. Finally, I completed my certification and instantly knew I needed a massive change. First priority was to get my health and well-being in check or I knew my life down the road would not be a life I would enjoy... to say the least.

With lots of trial and error with trying to change and understand what I was going through, my health did improve slightly and it felt great for the time. Even though I was seeing results my change was quite unstable. It was easy to find something for a temporary satisfaction to focus on or resort back to. The truth of the matter is; the behavior itself was not the problem. I was self-medicating and by attempting to quit my unwanted habits I was essentially taking away the self-medication - no wonder I was struggling!

There was a time when my health was disrupting my social life. At this point, I had numerous reasons that were prompting me to make a change. I was hesitant, but I decided to dedicate my life to figuring out how to completely change out all my bad habits and implement new good habits to increase longevity to the best of my ability. This took time to figure out what that even looked like.

Throughout the following years, I researched and studied health, wellness, spirituality, exercise, yoga, qi gong and consciousness. My health and energy began to gradually increase and I noticed I was going towards my habits (self-medications) less than before, however, I still was self-medicating. It was a long and slow 7 years of my life and I went through an incredible amount of struggle changing, relapsing, changing and relapsing, over and over again. No matter how much of a struggle it was and how slow the process took I knew deep down that things were improving little by little.

I decided to go all in and invest everything I had into personal development including programs, courses, seminars, webinars. I took all of the information I had learned and began to practice what felt right. I eventually got into hypnotherapy and studied more direct sciences relating to consciousness. My progress sped up even further to a point where my health was decent and almost all of my bad habits had shed away. 

I invested all of my finances and even borrowed some money. I felt so foolish, but I had developed a type of passion for research and study to figure out why my habits even came to be in first place. I only had so much time and energy in a day and I wanted to make sure I was going to be progressing towards something that was actually going to help me long term instead of the “quick fixes” that I had tried but then failed.


With what I know now, the amount of effort, anger and frustration that I put myself through was simply not needed, nor did it help at all. As I began to figure out what the right information was, change became easier.


A lot of information throughout 9 years has been downloaded and processed into my subconscious. The tipping point which had helped me change my remaining unwanted habits was after too much trial and error, I got fed up and I put everything aside, feeling a sense of defeat. I sat in silence for some time, not even thinking, just acknowledging this feeling that weighed me down. Time went by as though it felt still… In a deep relaxed state with my eyes closed, I had this serenity of silence for the first time that I could remember. 

Time went on and I realized I eventually had to get ready for work the next day. I began to think; if I cannot change these last habits, am I ready to live like this for the rest of my life? Honestly, I had a strong desire to move on with my life and place my time and energy elsewhere. But I knew that the answer was a NO! I know what struggle feels like and I was done struggling. I just wanted it to be easy and effective. Right before getting up I directed my focus inwards and I asked; “what is the easiest and most effective way to change permanently?”.


Did I think I would get an answer? Not at the time. What I did come to know over the years is; our subconscious has an intelligence.

The whole time while I just sat with the feeling that I had, something was there, I just couldn’t quite pinpoint it. 

As much as I wanted to know an answer right then and there, I let the question go unanswered (this ended up being the best thing I could have ever done, leaving the question unanswered that is). I decided to just hold an intention of knowing the answer. 

With time and lots of processing, within a week or two, information and ideas began to flood my mind which I ended up writing out on paper. It took a little while to realize what I had. I eventually correlated and categorized the points, fitting the information into 4 categories. This is what I call The 4 Pillars for Conscious Change.


Change is now way easier compared to what I have gone through. By using the 4 Pillars, I managed to get over the last of my unwanted habits with ease and changed my career for the better. I drastically altered my whole way of thinking and I even have implemented new habits in a sustainable and long-lasting way. 

Since that day of clearly seeing the 4 Pillars in front of me, I fast tracked my change compared to all the years I have spent beforehand. I am grateful to have the 4 Pillars system and that is why I am writing this book. I know how incredibly powerful this is and I am pleased to be helping many people with the 4 Pillars. Will it help you? Although everyone is different, I am absolutely confident there is something in this book that will help you in some way on your quest for change. There is a great potential that the 4 Pillars can change your life in an incredible way.


You are essentially receiving an extraction of 9 years of research, study, and practical experience. Thousands of dollars worth of value all condensed into the most important four concepts when it comes to change. 

The simple and effective concepts I share in this book, create an easy way to stay on track as you move into your new way of being. By following the steps, learning and knowing the information, I am confident you will be able to create the personal motivation needed to do what you truly feel you want to do in life.

I want to share a process that will help you change who you are, not as a temporary change, but to embody that change to make it long lasting, potentially even permanently if you so desire. I say embody because change in the mind is easy (temporary) however, to embody is to act in a constant state of being; shaping your body and energy system to your desired outcome. 

How do you do this? Keep it simple. What I have learned is oftentimes, more so than not, the simplest ways of life tend to be the easiest and most effective.


This book has been compressed for many reasons. The main reason is that you can read all of these important concepts in a short amount of time and begin to implement them and start the changing process. All of the pillars are easy to comprehend by being of simple and basic knowledge, yet powerful when used in combination. The best change takes place when using all 4 Pillars together in a systematic approach.


The ability to clear up your state of mind and gaining a sharpened focus is within this book. What if you had more time to pursue the things you valued most? Would you read this book if you knew it would help?

Now that I have gone through the process and discovered “my why”, while sharing the 4 Pillars with others, I have also found this to help with the “common why”. It is beyond words to see someone change out an unwanted habit and progress in an established new happy and empowered way. I hope you receive all of the benefits you need from this book to be successful with your change.


Thank you for checking out the introduction of my book Empowered 4 Change. Within the rest of the book I go into details about the 4 pillars and relate it all to subconscious sciences and some spiritual philosophy. Throughout the book there are many different techniques and practices to implement as well as useful tips and personal notes.

The entire book is available on Amazon.ca or if you would like a signed copy (supporting more the author) please send me an email.

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