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    Want to learn more about Conscious Harmonics?

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    Synchronize and harmonize with your subconscious for the fullest expre...

    1 hr 30 min

    144 Canadian dollars
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    Helping you Accelerate Your Personal Development

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  • Immerse yourself in a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience of s...

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Clinical Hypnotherapy provides a comfortable & relaxing state of awareness to help synchronize your mind with your body using suggestions and techniques to safely navigate you to the underlying root causes of behaviors, emotions, and patterns.


As people connect more with their subconscious they become greatly aligned with their emotions which increases their emotional intelligence for a greater sense of self-awareness, better decision making, and ability to comprehend the true root cause of potential issues, limitations, and or struggles.


Our Subconscious is the center point of our Human experience. It rules approximately 95% of our everyday life. Recurring emotional themes will often keep coming up due to subconscious patterns.

This form of Therapy allows us to reach deepened levels of Hypnosis (Trance), that is otherwise difficult to reach ones self, can greatly help with the listed categories below:

  • Improve Sleep & Reduce Insomnia

  • Greatly Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Rise out of Depression

  • End Procrastination

  • Increase Motivation

  • Eliminate Exam / Test Anxiety

  • Quitting Smoking & Cessations

  • Quitting other unwanted patterns

  • Creating new patterns with ease

  • Plus more…


How do you benefit?


The key benefits from this type of deep relaxation are:

  • Improving concentration and mood

  • Boosting confidence to handle problems

  • Improving sleep quality as much as 80%.

  • Reducing activity of stress hormones

  • Reducing muscle tension, pain, headaches & migraines

  • Increasing blood flow to the brain & major muscles

  • Greatly lowering fatigue

  • Help to restore and strengthen the immune system

  • Help to restore and strengthen the immune system

  • Lowering of blood pressure

  • Stress relief and the lessening of chronic pain, tension

  • Diminish any emotional upsets

Results of Hypnotherapy

Clients typically experience

Results after the First session.


After 6 – 10 sessions the issues the client comes in with are typically greatly reversed or even Solved.

Practices & tools are often taught to clients

to maintain their results.




Synchronize and harmonize with your subconscious for the fullest expression of yourself. Bring yourself to realizing your brilliance from the inside out.

What to Expect:

All Sessions are Customized / tailored to you. Hypnotherapy offers the ability for an individual to identify and solve deep seated issues while in relaxed and focused state of mind. This allows a person to make effective and sustained changes on a subconscious level for longer lasting results in a shorter amount of time compared to regular forms of psycho-therapy. Each session will be followed up with suggestions for practices you can do at home for the greatest integration possible.

  • Sessions are tailored to you.

  • Your subconscious has all the answers for the unique you.

  • With the hypnotherapy techniques -> Easily access the answers.

  • Learn Conscious tools that you can take home and use going forward.

  • An effective skilled approach = less sessions needed.

  • Less time going through change = Less stress in your life.

  • Life happier & less stressed with more time living your greater potential as the preferred You.


Investment & Time


  • includes a 1.5 - 2 hour session. 

  • Revised Notes from the session formatted into practices for the greatest integration.

  • A follow up via email or phone call.



All Sessions are now Via Zoom (it has been tested out for years and the conclusion is there is no difference than as in person besides the convenience of not traveling.)

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Crystal Sound Bath


Healing using the power of sound and vibration is one of the most ancient and oldest ways of healing practices in the world. The vibration of the bowl can have profound effects on the mind, body and spirit bringing the receiver back into coherence and harmony on a person’s body.

Sound Therapy encourages and helps the mind to go into a calm and peaceful trance like state, similar to a meditation. The trance like states allow individuals to reflect on themselves, their thoughts and their emotions so they can realize what they need to make subtle changes on a deeper subconscious level for improved health and wellbeing.


Singing bowls, are widely known for their harmonic, calming sounds that help people to calm and soothe stress and tension. Singing bowls have become a well known instrument in sound baths, which are increasing in popularity.

Sound baths are relaxation techniques that simulate a meditation experience without the effort. Increasing studies have proven that the vibrations emitted from singing bowls have the ability to heal and calm the mind, reduce the perception of pain, lower blood pressure, reduce tension, anger and fatigue, as well as improve feelings of inner peace and relaxation while improving the symptoms of depression.

How do you benefit?

  • Remove / dissolve stagnant energy blockages in the body.

  • Promote deep night sleep afterwards.

  • Balances mood and energy.

  • Reduces tension and stress.

  • Improving immune system

  • Eliminates unwanted brain activity.

  • Increased physical relaxation.

  • Feel Refreshed and Rejuvenated

Tamara Goldsby, Ph.D., a research psychologist - University of California San Diego, with researchers Michael E. Goldsby, Mary McWalters, and Paul Mills, studied the effects of singing bowl meditation. 


“They found that sound baths cut down on tension, anxiety, depression, and pain, and improve feelings of well-being.”


“The therapy triggers a relaxation response away from the parasympathetic nervous system (known as the “fight-or-flight response”), to calm the mind and refocus attention away from your stressors. This can make the body more receptive to healing.”


“We are pretty sure that it is common for participants in sound healings to experience Theta brainwaves (during sound baths), but we also hypothesize that they often dive even deeper (into Delta brainwaves). The deeper the brainwave state, the more likely that healing may occur, since it’s a profoundly relaxed state,” says Goldsby.



What to Expect:

The evening typically starts off with a gentle opening of the body, (easy & simple standing Qi gong basics) for 5 - 10 minutes.

Followed by a community check it to set the tone for a deep regenerative sound healing combined with elevating, empowering, and restorative guided hypnosis around the mid point of the sound journey.


The sound Healing will be with 15 Crystal Singing Bowls, all tuned to 432hz, each a different note that resonates all through the complete body. This singing bowls will be with Vocal toning to create a fuller resonance of sound. Michael (a.k.a. Ten-Nash-Ket) from Conscious Harmonics has a background of Music that has merged with Subconscious therapy to help you release and reduce weeks or stress.


Healing using sound and vibration is one of the most ancient and oldest ways of healing practices in the world. Sound vibration has profound effects on the mind, body and spirit bringing the body back into coherence and harmony on a person’s body. This has an effect towards re-aligning the mind & body to be more in harmony with yourself, essentially improving ones life towards a more preferred self.


Investment & Time

Public events - $22.00 per person

Private events - $135.00 per event

Length of Session: 1 hour - 15 minutes

Public Event Locations: 

Locations are mainly in the Okanagan and surrounding area. If you'd like to join in on an evening of Crystal Singing Bowls in combination with Uplifting Hypnosis (Yoga Nidra) Meditation. Please sign up specifically for the Singing Bowls monthly newsletter to find our more information on our Upcoming Events:

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Private Event Locations: 

Location mainly in the Okanagan and surrounding area. I will bring my equipment to you - space to be determined.
See the link below to schedule your Private Sound Healing Session using the Booking System. Private Sessions are 135.00/HR. If you have further questions you are also welcome to Book a Discovery Call and we can work out details from there. 

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