Anxiety and the Covid-19
by: Michael van Soest

Many people are going through way more anxiety than usual. Although it is not always nice, it is in fact natural. In this article I will identify important key factors to use and manage your anxiety and even eliminate the anxiety that is not helping us any more.

Yes, Covid-19 is both a serious threat and a source of severe anxiety.

The first component to know is to use the anxiety as anxiety is meant for, it is a natural response to any threat in our life. It is okay. Use it to your advantage. This is to be alert, mentally engaged, focus, and making sure you are doing all that you can respectfully do to protect yourself. This is the great aspect about anxiety. However, it is also necessary to use that rise of anxiety in a useful way. Remember to breathe and act. Preparing yourself with a protocol that will help you out and keep you safe along the way doing the best you can personally.


Here are some tips:

  • Wash your hands regularly,

  • Avoid touching your face,

  • Respectfully know what you need for food for a good portion of time. (the grocery stores will still be open)

  • Social distance yourself.

  • Be in tune with a cleaning protocol for when you enter the house if you leave to go downtown.

When we have done all that we can, at this point it is best to take a moment to acknowledge that you have a plan and you have done well. It is time say thank you to your anxiety and give yourself permission that it has served you and it is now okay to relax. Keep in mind it sometimes takes awhile for the subconscious to unwind.

Now that you are in a safe position. It is Ideal to acknowledge and remind yourself you have a plan and you are doing what you can to be safe. Reminders when it comes to anxiety are important. Your subconscious can be looked upon as the long term emotional pattern that takes time to wind up and unwind. Reminders are great to help program the subconscious. It works both ways. Knowing what you’re thinking is an important aspect to this.

Another major part about anxiety and covid-19.

Know your news, have 2 or 3 reliable news stations. That is it. There is excessive news all over the media, social media and even in circles of friends. This is where I will say Focus is your power!

Be sure to check and stay informed, however, when it comes to anxiety, less news is the greater approach. It is safe to say that after learning how it moved through other countries that Covid-19 will be moving through for a while longer and will not be disappearing tomorrow. You do not need to check the news every hour nor every day. Every 2 days is more than enough. This will be a dramatic change if you can limit yourself from the news.

Your focus is your power. When you place your focus upon a subject of information our emotions follow. Be sure to know your power with this. Where your attention goes, energy flows. If you surround yourself with consistent news, with the panic and fear that is buzzing around, you are bound to feel excessive anxiety, fear and even panic. Being attached to the news is only doing you harm if it generates for you anxiety, fear or panic. Your emotions follow your focus.

If you are doing everything you can to protect yourself, being safe and being informed by the news in a healthy and limited way. You are doing great, and all that you can in a healthy way. Reminders that you are doing all that you can personally and that you have a protocol in place.

Now if you have any anxious thoughts that may arise that are not helping you any further, always be kind to those thoughts as they are there because our subconscious wants to keep us safe. Anxiety really is an alert mechanism. Some of us simply have more of a sensitive alert system. Here are some simple things you can do if you have anxious thoughts, even after you have done all that you personally can:

  1. Acknowledge you have anxious thought and it is okay because you are allow to have them.

  2. Be kind to the anxious thoughts as it is just an alert system that may be playing out from our subconscious patterns.

  3. Find out what the message is from the anxious thought, there is always a message, sometimes it may be an underlying belief (that yes, we can change).

  4. Ask yourself if there is anything that you need to know about the thoughts?

  5. Affirm you Respect the power of the anxious thoughts.

  6. Acknowledge that you are doing all that you can.

  7. Decide if you would like to shift your focus of power, saying thank you to your subconscious that you are only attempting to keep yourself safe. Being alert is ideal to find do what you need to be safe.

Note: Often times, we may be thinking about an unknown future. Remember you are in the present and the future does not exist at this point. Being in the present is where you are currently are. You are good enough to enjoy your life in the present. You have a great potential to enjoy yourself where you are. Only right here right now exists. Please don’t take yourself away from your present life. You deserve to also live with enjoyment in the present. Maybe place some of your favorite music on to enjoy right here right now.

As you are home and in a safe place, you may have more time than usual. This is an amazing time to do more of the things that you may not have had the time to do.

With all of the extra time you have, you have a great potential upon you. This is a wonderful time to focus on things that will help you shift you focus (shifting your emotions) to things that will encourage enjoyment, passion, happiness, love and other feel good feelings. When you are doing all you can, remember, you are doing all you can. You are allowed to enjoy yourself to the best of your ability.

A list of things to enjoy:

  • Reading books that may interest you and bring a sense of ease.

  • Watching movies that have great storylines.

  • Playing some relaxing or enjoyable music while doing keeping active around the house.

  • Being creative in some way.

  • Growing some plants, gardening.

  • Learning on one of your favorite subjects, youtube can great for that.

  • Making some great food.


You have an incredible potential. Being in tune with your focus will benefit you greatly as this will guide you safely and healthily through all of this.

I hope you enjoyed this article. It is not often I write articles as I am mainly like to focus on my clients but I felt this is a really important perspective to share.

I have now shifted my entire practice online if you wish to reach out to me. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in anxiety and personal alignment. I am of service with helping clients discover and change the underlying root beliefs that cause anxiety. For real long lasting change it is necessary working with both the conscious and subconscious mind. If you are serious and would like to get right to the roots of your anxiety, I have a 10 week anxiety reversal and empowerment program.

During theses times it is difficult for many, please reach out any time, I respectively have decided to discount my sessions for those in need.

May you be in health and alignment.

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